A little report on Top Drawer Autumn 2013

We decided to take a last minute stand at the Top Drawer Autumn trade show. The stand was small, but we were in good company sandwiched between Velvet Olive and Clare Close, opposite Rosehip and Timbergram and 1973.

Helen is now back in “full swing” after finishing maternity leave last month. Little Joe still can’t be away from mum for long so he came along too!

Overall, the show was worth doing, although we didn’t take as many orders on the stand as we’d have liked. On the positive side our new doubled sided wrapping paper and Christmas cards were a hit. We made some interesting contacts, and as always, catching up with fellow exhibitors, suppliers and trade customers has given us plenty of food for thought.

Top Drawer Autumn 2013: Claire Close’s musings

Claire had the stand next door to us at Top Drawer Autumn. She makes great big posters to colour-in (including Christmas trees, kid’s height charts etc.). A week after the show finished, here’s her thoughts on how it went for her.

Indie Retail Day

Did you know that today is Retail Independents’ Day — a day to celebrate the value that independent shops bring to the local community.

We’d like to say a big “Thank you ” from this indie card publisher to all the lovely indie retailers that have stocked our cards over the years!

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